Al Araby TV, a media partner for the "Only Together" campaign, an international campaign for fair and equitable access to Corona vaccines

10 Apr 2021
We will celebrate again

The United Nations launched a new global campaign under the slogan "Just Together", calling for fair and equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines worldwide.

The campaign stresses the need for coordinated global action to ensure that vaccines are available in all countries, from health workers and the most vulnerable groups, at a time when the largest vaccine rollout in history is being launched, with millions of doses being delivered worldwide through the initiative.  Kovacs "for the equitable distribution of vaccines."

Fair distribution of vaccine

In this regard, Najat Rushdie, the Humanitarian Coordinator in Lebanon, explains that the campaign aims to end the Coronavirus in the world.
Speaking to Alaraby TV, the media partner of the United Nations campaign, Rushdie points to the need to support the governments of rich countries, medical teams, and pharmaceutical factories through the "Kovacs" initiative.
And she stresses that the world must be more visible in ensuring that vaccines are distributed all over the world as quickly as possible.
To ensure a fair distribution, Rushdie notes that the United Nations has called on developed countries to donate additional doses to high and middle-income countries, allowing all people in the world to have access to them.