Haweyah, Branding and Creation House-part of the Dar Al Sharq Group, the largest media organization in Qatar, has signed a partnership agreement with Fadaat Media group, the leading media company and owner of Al Araby Al Jadeed Intl. newspaper

Under the agreement, Haweyah will promote Al Araby Al Jadeed newspaper, in addition to being its authorized and exclusive advertising agent in Qatar, given Dar Al Sharq’s relationships with clients, official bodies and the private sector, and Al Araby Al Jadeed newspaper’s media value and prominent position in the Arab media scene. This agreement will represent a new addition to the Qatari media community.

The agreement also includes strengthening advertising cooperation and exchanging experiences in this field, and is also interested in supporting the efforts of the media activities, in Dar Al Sharq newspapers, and media institutions and platforms affiliated with Fadaat Media Group.

In this regard, CEO of Dar Al Sharq Group, Abdullatif Al Mahmoud said the agreement is important as it represents a continuation of the efforts aimed at making Dar Al Sharq Group integrated in all media aspects, such as printed newspapers, advertising and social media companies, printing presses, establishing websites and equipping exhibitions.
He noted that Dar Al Sharq seeks to support the media activities in Qatar and open new horizons of cooperation to serve the Qatari and Arab citizens.
Al Mahmoud stressed that the agreement will represent a good start towards achieving the partnership objectives represented in Dar Al Sharq’s reliance on its relations and strength in the Qatari market, and benefiting from the vision and successes of Al Araby Al Jadeed.

CEO of Fadaat Media Group, Moayed Dib, said that cooperation with Dar Al Sharq is not new, but rather is the culmination of a partnership in various fields that started since the launch of Al Araby Al Jadeed and culminated in cooperation in the advertising field. “We look forward to more partnerships with media institutions in the State of Qatar to serve the Arab media reality,” said Al Dib.

Deputy CEO of Dar Al Sharq, Jaber Al Harami, said that the agreement comes at a time when Dar Al Sharq is working to create new opportunities that keep pace with media development and the spirit of times, relying on new media, as well as introducing multimedia elements in the media work, expressing his happiness in forging this agreement, which he described as ‘constructive’.
Al Harami noted the strong presence of Al Araby Al Jadeed newspaper in the Qatari media scene, and Dar Al Sharq’s support for this trend is extremely important, especially with the expansion of Fadaat Media in Doha, which has become a global hub in political and media affairs.
He explained that there will be new cooperation between the two major institutions, serving all parties, and benefiting readers and those interested in the media field.

Jassim Salman, CEO of Haweyah, which specializes in media, advertising and new media said that the agreement represents a qualitative leap in the Qatari market in terms of new ideas and advertising campaigns that have been developed and planned for months.
He pointed out that there is a media and promotional campaign that will be launched at the beginning of 2022, the year of hosting 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and this campaign will be accompanied by many different and distinctive ideas, and great contributions by both groups in this aspect.