In celebration of Qatar Sports day, Fadaat media organized a series of activities to boost the culture of sports and raise awareness of the importance of physical activities and healthy nutrition.

A football and basketball competition were held at the Arab International Academy where the employees were divided into teams representing Al Arabi TV, al Araby al jadeed and metaphora played in an enthusiastic atmosphere. 

Fadaat Media Also Hosted an informative session in the company presented by Batoul Al bayari, a nutrition expert who pointed out the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and the necessary vitamins for the body and ways to help the body absorb the vitamins. She also emphasized on the importance of physical activities and regular exercising to prevent certain diseases. She provided the attendees with recipes for healthy meals.  

A medical team from Naseem al Rabeeh medical center also visited the company and conducted several medical test: blood sugar test, cholesterol, and body mass index (BMI) and gave advices.