Syria TV has commemorated its 3rd anniversary on 3rd March 2021 under special circumstances and difficulties faced by media due to coronavirus pandemic.

On its third anniversary, Syria TV emphasizes that it will move forward in the media and humanitarian mission it has identified for itself, along with fully aligning with the principles of freedom and fair causes, in addition to promoting citizenship spirit in the Arab world. Furthermore, Syria TV also asserts that the values it adopted are derived from Arab uprisings and change surge that prevailed in our region. It firmly confirms the integrity of Syria, in terms of politics and territories, and that Syria culturally belongs to the Arab Islamic civilization that always reacted and assimilated all components that make the Syrian homeland.

Syria TV administration affirmed that: “the new programming will take into consideration the element of diversity, although this TV station focuses on politics in general, yet it will introduce other cultural, artistic, and/or social programs, that would be broadcast in a modern pattern and new visual identity as it makes use of the current technological boom”.

In its new look and content, Syria TV would aim to reach Syrian viewers living in regime-run territories. This would be accompanied by introducing a different media approach than traditional Syrian is worth noting here that Syria TV aim to address and reach all Syrians inside Syria and over the world.