Fadaat Media Group today is considered one of the largest media networks in the Arab world. Our media production reaches millions of viewers and readers around the world through the group’s various platforms.
Facts and Figures

We have a large team of qualified employees working in 35 offices around the world. Fadaat Media channels and platforms are followed by more than 400 million viewers.

Facts and Figures


Social Media Platform


Fadaat Media Group was established as a private commercial enterprise in the Qatari capital, Doha, in 2012. In 2013, the group began launching its various media organizations, whether in the field of visual print, or in the field of new media. Fadaat Media Group aims to deliver objective coverage and in-depth analysis of news to the Arab citizen, support culture and cultural production, including literature, art, and high-class entertainment , and elevate the Arab media to advanced levels of professionalism, while taking a leadership role in the world of media production and developing media services and social communication. The group also seeks to explore new horizons for spreading knowledge, open meaningful communication channels with the Arab masses, and develop services in the fields of traditional and digital media sectors, in order to reach a wider group of Arab audience around the world.


Mission, Vision and Values

Our Vision

A pioneering media model that provides a free speech zone within the Arab media scene. Our goal is to keep pace with the rapid changes in the region and present the Arab audiences, especially the youth, with professional and objective media platforms that reflect their hopes and interacts with their aspirations despite the political and factional  differences.

Our Mission

To enrich the Arab media scene with world-class media platforms that operate according to the highest standards and meet the aspirations of the Arab world. Our work is guided by the values and principles that the people of the region aspire to achieve. 


Our Values

Fadaat Media Group believes in several values ​​and utilizes them as ethical, professional, and practical controls in its media work and projects:

  • Integrity, credibility, and triumph of the truth, objectively and professionally, presenting it to the Arab viewer with journalistic professionalism.
  • Biased towards Arab individuals pursuing their rights, the first of which are justice and freedom.
  • Biased towards the Palestinian cause, supporting all efforts of the Palestinian people, Arab, and foreign nations in order to achieve justice in Palestine.
  • Respecting all religious, cultural, and ethnic components of Arab societies, and celebrating the diversity and pluralism that characterize the region.
  • Spreading awareness and a culture of constructive dialogue, while avoiding polarization and factional alignments.
  • Providing a distinct work environment for the group's employees that promotes transparency and equality, and equipping them with the right tools to boost their creativity and their cultural, educational and financial development.