“Hunna” (them), an initiative aiming to support women owners of small businesses

On International Women’s Day, Fadaat Media Group with Alaraby TV Network and Al Araby Al Jadeed, launched “Hunna” (them), an initiative aiming to support women owners of small businesses. This inspiring initiative reflects the Group commitment to social responsibility and highlights its dedication to empowering women, a core pillar of the Group.

 "Hunna" aims to enhance the spirit of collaboration and solidarity among women who own small and medium enterprises, serving as their sole source of income. The initiative included a variety of activities and events designated to encourage cooperation among women entrepreneurs. A highlight of the initiative was the organization of a bazaar providing the entrepreneurs with an opportunity to showcase their products to our employees, thereby strengthening their confidence and promoting their business.

Through “Hunna” we celebrate leadership, and women’s success, setting an inspiring model for the role of women across various sectors. Fadaat Media Group stands out as a role model in communication and cooperation among women, fostering a work environment that encourages innovation and success.