"Writers talking about their passion for the most popular game”, a book launched by Alaraby Al Jadeed newspaper.

Fadaat media Group celebrated the “Magic of Football, the Arabic - English bilingual book is written by 61 top Arab and foreign authors talking about the impact and memories of this game. 

At the beginning of the ceremony presented by Alaraby 2 TV presenter Ala’a Karajah, Hussam Kanafani, the Editor in chief of Al Araby Al Jadeed, said that the book “represents a qualitative contribution from the newspaper during the football festivities hosted by Qatar”. The book includes stories for male and female writers from different cultures, who were inspired by the round witch and who recorded their revelations towards the game which attracted all cultures around the world.  

Sports Commentator Ali Muhammad Ali described the book as unique, as we are used to listen to commentators and sports analysts talking during the games, what is new about the book according to Ali, is that we will be listening to the voices of poets, storytellers, and novelists. 

Maen Al Bayari, Head of opinion of Al Araby Al Jadeed and the book editor, found in Mahmoud Darwish’s question: “Why Football can’t be a subject of art and literature?”, a statement expressing the relevance of issuing the book. He considered this book as an attempt to contribute answering this question. Al Bayari presented a number of few Arab models that dealt with football, including a poem by the Iraqi poet Marouf Al Rusafi, a quartet by the Egyptian poet Salah Jahin and a few novels such as “Riwaya”, “Al Fareek” for the Moroccan writer Abdullah Alaraoui, “Darbat Jaza’” for Rachid Boudjedra, and “Isabet Malaeb” for the Egyptian writer Ahmed Al Sawy and Baganda for Tunisian Shukri al Mabkhout.