Along with the launch of the new grid, Alaraby 2 announced the fourth season of "Tarab with Marwan" during a media event held at the Movenpick Hotel in Beirut on Wednesday, September 21, in the presence of artist Marwan Khoury & Maestro Mahmoud Eid.

Alaraby 2 New Grid includes a variety of entertainment and cultural programs that provide unique content and bring together the Arab family, reflect its image and ideas and express the richness and diversity of Arabs, their views, and ideas.

In addition to a set of new programs, the channel presents news seasons of viewers' most loved programs "Tarab with Marwan" Season Four and the third season of "Maqamat", hosted by Rashid Ghulam. The new grid includes, "Mutun and Hawamesh", "Arab Beats", "Nakhet Balady", "Wasat El Balad", "Laha El Kalema", "Ashab El Reyada", in addition to the daily morning and evening live programs "Sabah El Nour" and "Difaf". 

Alaraby 2 also dedicates a weekly space for featured movies and documentaries that have gained attention at prominent film festivals. The programs will also feature cinematic and artistic experiences of different backgrounds while touching on critical topics.