The Wan-Ifra Award

“Ana Alaraby” has secured the 3rd place in the WAN-IFRA awards in the category of "Best Data visualization" for the video titled “The Nuclear Weapon: The Whole Story”. This video narrates the journey of nuclear weapons, spanning from their manufacturing phase, through their deployment in various wars, to the contemporary threats posed by major powers potentially engaging in nuclear conflicts. The narrative also delves into the scientific tensions surrounding the subject.

"The New Arab" has achieved a significant milestone by clinching the first-place position in the Video Category for their exceptional work on “Germany Palestine Problem”. The video tackles how Germany’s troubled relationship with its past has turned Palestinian self-determination into a no-go subject, earning pro-Palestinian voices severe, life-altering recriminations. For a country that prides itself on learning from its dark chapter of Nazism, is Germany so intent on not being seen as antisemitic that it will defend Israel and Zionism at all costs? And in doing so, shift historical guilt onto Palestinians?

The New Arab’s podcast also won third place in the category of “Best Podcast”. The New Arab Voice is a weekly podcast that takes a deep dive into a story, event, or person who is making headlines in the Middle East and North Africa. Every episode is evidence-led and insightful, capturing the facts-on-the-ground as well as the gravity and emotion of developments while focusing on the lived experiences of those most affected.

WAN-IFRA this year’s competition witnessed a record- breaking number of entries, making it the most competitive season in WAN-IFRA middle east history. The annual competition stands as a beacon for digital trends, revenues, and technologies in the media landscape, drawing the top-level publishers, editors, and digital executives who are shaping the future of news media.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to all those who contributed to these projects for their hard work and dedication in delivering exceptional content. We extend our best wishes for continued brilliance and success to our ongoing and future endeavors.