Araby 2
Burj Alfardan, Lusail, Floor 5, Building No 157, Street 301, Zone 69, Lusail City - Qatar

Al Araby 2

Alaraby 2 is a diverse, multi-platform cultural and entertainment channel, officially launched in 2022 in the city of Lusail in Qatar.
The channel presents a variety of programs catering to the Arab audience, encompassing culture, arts, society, dramatic and comedic series, films, and documentaries, all presented through a contemporary visual perspective with a distinctive Arab vision. Programs on Alaraby 2 are produced by experienced and professional teams spread across the Arab world and the diaspora, striking a balance in content, and contributing to bridging the gap between the different cultures. It embraces an approach that diverges from the conventional commercial aspects of the market, rendering the channel a haven for unique creative voices. In addition to its regular programs, Alaraby 2 offers special programs during Ramadan, acquired from various regions across the Arab world, transcending the barriers of dialectal differences. Furthermore, the channel seeks to be a platform for the voices and ideas of talented content creators, especially the youth, by providing a qualitative addition and delivering fresh, distinct, and innovative perspective to its audience. Fadaat Media Group aspires through Alaraby 2 to present a contemporary and evolving media model, elevating the public taste, and serving the richness and diversity of Arab cultures.

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