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Unit 5, Central Park, Central Way Park Royal NW10 7FY Tel: +44 207 1480366 London, UK

Al Araby Television

A public TV channel in Arabic language that offers Arab viewers distinguished content including various news, political, social, cultural and entertainment programs.

The channel was launched in 2015, and it currently broadcasts from London with offices and studios in several Arab and Western countries. 

"Al Araby Television" sheds light on the hopes of Arab citizens everywhere, and highlights their views and visions for themselves, the world, and the future. It also serves as a platform for the voices and ideas of the innovators and creators, especially the youth, adding significant contributions and presenting new, diverse material.

The channel abides by the highest international professional media standards, committing to objectivity and accuracy in presenting information as well as diverse perspectives. The channel's values are based on ethics, knowledge, impartiality and professionalism, away from all ideologies and political and media polarization.

The “Al Araby Television” team consists of qualified and talented professionals with longstanding experience in various aspects of TV content. Through “Al Araby Television”, Fadaat Media Group strives to provide a creative media model that respects the Arab viewer and presents pioneering TV content to enrich the Arab media scene with new, high-quality material for a better Arab future.


Al Araby TV frequencies for Gulf Countries, Middle East, and Turkey

Orbital Position Arabsat Orbital Position Nilesat
Satellite Satellite Eutelsat 7WA Eutelsat 8WB Eutelsat 8WB القمر الصناعي
Coverage MENA MENA MENA East التغطية
Frequency 11310 10727 10971 11637 التردد
Polarity Vertical Horizontal Horizontal Vertical القطبية
Symbol Rate 30000 27500 27500 27500 معدل الترميز
FEC 2/3 7/8 7/8 5/6 الترميز
Quality HD HD HD HD/SD النوعية
Modulation DVBS2 , 8PSK DVB-S , QPSK DVB-S , QPSK DVB -S2 التعديل

Al Araby TV Frequencies for North Africa, Europe, and UK

Satellite Hotbird 13B القمر الصناعي
Coverage 12520 التغطية
Frequency East 13 التردد
Polarity Vertical القطبية
Symbol Rate 27500 معدل الترميز
FEC 3/4 الترميز
Quality HD النوعية
Modulation DVB-S2 التعديل

Service Providers

Service Provider
araby araby araby araby araby
Alaraby App Apple TV ROKU beIN Ooredoo - Qatar
Region/Country All Countries All Countries All Countries MENA Region and Turkey Qatar
Channel Number ---- ---- ---- 240 218
Service Provider
Free View Mysatgo Hotwire Sling TV Free TV
Free View Mysatgo Hotwire Sling TV Free TV
Region/Country UK Canada, Australia, New Zealand USA – East Cost USA France
Channel Number 264 ---- ---- --- 657
Service Provider
Orange Orange Bouygues TV Deutche Telecom PYUR-Tele Columbus
Orange TIVU Bouygues TV Deutche Telecom PYUR-Tele Columbus
Region/Country France Italy France Germany Germany
Channel Number 503 78 643 K34 - 504  
Service Provider
Ooredoo - Oman Vodafone – Giga TV Mediapool    
Ooredoo - Oman Vodafone – Giga TV Mediapool    
Region/Country Oman Qatar Germany    
Channel Number 13 13      

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