Burj Alfardan, Lusail Com 13, Floor 20, Lusail City, Doha- Qatar Building No. 157, Street 301, Zone 69

Al Araby Television

Alaraby Television is a news channel with a focus on observing and analyzing current events and their backgrounds.


Alaraby Television is a news channel with a focus on observing and analysing current events and their backgrounds through news bulletins, special coverages, and a range of exclusive programs and documentaries. 

The channel was launched in 2015 in London then it relocated its operations to its new studios in the city of Lusail in Qatar in late 2022, to be closer to its audience across the Arab world.

The channel is dedicated to highlighting the issues concerning the Arab people, showcasing their perspectives and their perception of themselves, the world, and the future. It enriches its content with the contributions of its bureaus and studios in several Arab and Western capitals, and a network of more than 62 reporters and correspondents in 33 cities around the world.

Alaraby Television adheres to the highest global media standards in its coverage of events and stands out through keeping up with the latest technologies in fact-checking and combating misinformation. It is committed to presenting objectivity, accuracy, and all viewpoints in its coverage and programs.

The channel adopts an ethical, moral, and neutral approach, based on professionalism utilizing the expertise of a selection of Arab media experts from different fields and areas.

Fadaat Media Group aims through Alaraby Television to provide a balanced media model, with the goal of offering comprehensive news services according to the highest standards in form and content.  


Alaraby TV frequencies for Gulf Countries, Middle East, and Turkey

Orbital Position ArabsatOrbital Position Nilesat
SatelliteEs'Hail 2Eutelsat 8WBEutelsat 8WBالقمر الصناعي
Symbol Rate300002750027500معدل الترميز
ModulationDVB-S2 , 8PSKDVB-SDVB -S2التعديل


Service Providers

Service Provider
Alaraby AppApple TVROKUbeINOoredoo - Qatar
Region/CountryAll CountriesAll CountriesAll CountriesMENA Region and TurkeyQatar
Channel Number------------240218
Service Provider
Free ViewMysatgo
Sling TVFree TV
Free ViewMysatgoOSNSling TVFree TV
Region/CountryUKCanada, Australia, New ZealandMEAUSAFrance
Channel Number279-----------657
Service Provider
Bouygues TV
Vodafone – Giga TV
OrangeCable VisionBouygues TVMaroc TelcomVodafone - Giga TV
Region/CountryFranceLebanonFranceMorocco Qatar
Channel Number503----643----13


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