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Syria Television

Syria TV Cover
An Arabic television service currently broadcasting from Turkey with the hope of moving to Syria. The channel aims to shed light on the Syrian issue and provide consistent coverage on their conditions, suffering and circumstances.

Fadaat Media Group launched “Syria Television” in 2018. The channel adopts and defends the values of the Syrian revolution launched against tyranny and for democracy in 2011, and dedicates its efforts to promoting the principles of civil state and citizenship in a new Syria. It also rejects oppression, dictatorship, and extremism in all its forms and names. “Syria Television” believes in a united Syria, a people, and a land, refusing all forms of foreign interference.

The channel believes in the prospect of positive change despite the destruction, and in the importance of building a free civilized Syria. It highlights the creative Syrian personality that characterizes the culture of the Syrian people with their mixed backgrounds. The channel also aims to deepen rational dialogue that includes everyone.

"Syria Television" is managed and supervised by press cadres and media experts in Syrian affairs. The team adheres to the highest professional standards and is committed to objectivity and journalism codes of ethics.

Syria TV frequencies

Satellite EshailSat Nilesat SD Nilesat HD القمر الصناعي
Coverage 11310 10971 11258 التردد
Symbol Rate FEC 30000 – 2/3 27500 – 3/4 27500 – 5/6 معدل الترميز
Polarity Vertical Horizontal Horizontal القطبية

Service Providers

Service Provider
ROKU Redline Ooredoo Vision Vision
ROKU Redline Ooredoo Vodafone – Giga TV Vision TV
Region/Country All Countries Turkey Qatar Qatar All Countries
Channel Number ---- ---- ---- 240 218
Service Provider
OneHub TV ATN MediaPool Deutche Telecom PYUR-Tele Columbus
OneHub TV ATN MediaPool Deutche Telecom PYUR-Tele Columbus
Region/Country UK Sweden Germany Germany Germany
Channel Number ---- ---- ---- ---- ----
Service Provider
Red 360        
Red 360        
Region/Country Germany        
Channel Number ----        


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