MoU between the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies and Fadaat Media Group

The Doha Institute for Graduate Studies signed an agreement with Fadaat Media Group to strengthen cooperation in areas of mutual interest between the two entities. This includes providing a framework for collaboration, facilitating the partnership agreement process, and defining the key elements of this cooperative effort, along with other agreed upon points. 
The MoU will contribute to the development of different fields that include organizing mutual programs and workshops, exchanging expertise and experts, and enhancing future cooperation in consultation and studies. 
Areas of cooperation also covers jointly designing and preparing a developmental training program across social media platforms, as well as offering training courses and programs for the development of the administrative staff of Fadaat. 
The MoU serves as an institutional framework for the activities of mutual benefit for both sides and the identification of areas of mutual interest with effect from the signing date and will remain in force for a duration of three years. 
Dr. Ahmed Al Maweri, Director of the Excellence Center for Training and Consultation commented that the agreement set the stage for fruitful and constructive collaborations in many areas, particularly in training, consultation, sharing knowledge and expertise, and maximizing the benefits of the Center programs and courses.
From his side, Mr. Hamda AlKhochtali, Director of Audience Development at Fadaat Group and Fadaat Academy Project Manager, highlighted that Fadaat Media Group and its institutions possesses expertise in various media disciplines, which they are pleased to share with the Doha Institute over the next three years through training programs, strategic consultations, and other forms of collaboration.
It is worth mentioning that the Doha Institute of Graduate Studies was founded in Qatar in 2015 as a Doha-based independent institution of higher education. The Institute offers master's and doctoral studies programs in two schools: the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the School of Economics, Administration and Public Policy, and adopts Arabic as the primary language of study and research, and fluency in English as a requirement.
Fadaat Media Group is considered one of the largest regional media networks in the Arab world, with millions of audiences through its various platform. Besides investing in print, visual, and new media fields, the group seeks to explore new horizons for spreading knowledge, open constructive communication channels with the Arab masses, and provide advanced services in traditional and digital media sector. The Group most prominent channels are Al Araby Television Network, and Al-Araby Al-Jadeed Newspaper and Website.