"Al Araby TV" launched in its sixth year, in a more welcoming space.

Interactive news bulletins, and various news around the clock, turning the screen into an unspecified "timeline", taking advantage of the accumulation of successes it has achieved over the past six years, which pushed it to be first place among Arab platforms in terms of viewing video content on social networking sites.

Since its inauguration in January 2015, Al Araby has chosen not to be an uproarious media in an Arab crisis summarized by the dichotomy of tyranny and terrorism, according to the channel’s director general, Abbas Nasser, in a tweet published today, Monday, on the occasion of the channel’s sixth anniversary, confirming that “we have presented ourselves as a project that adheres to values, not ideology or political calculations, noting that our professional judgment is a reference, especially in what we disagreed with, and we sided with man alone, and we moved away from populism.”

Those professional standards led Al Araby to great successes, upon which the TV built on to fly in an unconventional space, through a modernization plan that has begun its preparation, and its vanguards began broadcasting the first news bulletin from the new studios in Doha, to be completed at the end of the next Ramadan.